Comic Strips: Deep Freeze


    I think many of us are pretty much sick and tired of the frigid weather we have been having in Toronto. By the numbers February 2015 tied the record for the coldest month on record, records have been kept since 1842. Not since 1875 has Toronto seen this level of cold, -12.6 o C. We came close in 1994 when we reached -12.4 o C but none of the students today would remember that.

This is where the inspiration for this comic came from. Many of the students, just like adults, do complain about the weather. Let’s face it, it is a universal activity that we all do. Well I heard one student saying that they will be going south where it is warm for their vacation. The other student said they wished they would like to go too. But then I thought, what if, like adults one student wanted to rub it in. That’s were I got the idea of the dialog for the conversation.

I hope you enjoy The Craziest Things: Deep Freeze.



Point Of View: Funny What A Few Degrees Can Make You Do.


All I ask is a piece of land to work and to live in peace.

What a difference a few degrees make.  If it was 5o C. or below I would be shoveling snow and probably swearing and complaining about the weather and the bloody snow.  Instead, it was 20o C. and I was shoveling and preparing the garden for planting and enjoying myself.

Today in Toronto we had a beautiful day with +20o C. weather and not a cloud in the sky. I usually would rest on Sunday or go out for a drink, but because I had class all day on Saturday I felt the need to get outside and prepare the garden.


Even after six months, it started up.

However I must admit, I do enjoy shoveling and moving the soil around.  To  remove old roots and get it ready to plant vegetables all the while hearing the ballgame on the radio in the background.  Ahh, a good day.

Interesting, a month ago it was cold and we had flurries with snow on the ground and I would avoid going outside to shovel or to do anything outside.  Now I’m outside soaking up the sun and relishing in the hard work and the sweat I put in.

Funny what a few degrees can make you do.

Friday Two Cents: Make the most of it.


This past week spring arrived, or so it did on the calendar.  Here in Toronto, and in most of Canada, it was far from spring like.  Bone chilling temperature in the west reaching only a high or -25, snow falling in central Canada and blizzard conditions in the Maritimes.  Brrr, hardly begins to describe it.

Many of us are complaining about when is the spring weather going to finally arrive, but I have not heard this from the children.  Yes they do complain a bit about going outside but that lasts only a few minutes and then they seem to make the most of it.  Not just the older children but the younger Kindergarten children too.  Interesting how they can get dressed in snow suits or jackets and just go out and enjoy themselves.

Maybe we adults need to follow their lead with the weather and just go with the flow.  I for one am probably one of the worst offenders.  I do not like the winter much and I cannot wait for the warmer weather, trees budding and the flowers beginning to sprout.

I know I should be use to it all because I was born and raised here, but I just love the warmer weather.  Therefore this week I have decided to follow the children’s lead and just go with the flow and make the most of it.  I will probably complain about it but I will try to be like the children. Just make the most of it.

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