Friday Two Cents: Valentine’s Day Kindness

This past week many students had a lot of exciting things happening at school. Monday was the 100thday of the school year; Tuesday we had a rare snow day and the schools were closed; Wednesday report cards went home and Thursday was Valentine’s Day.   Yet I saw something during Valentine’s Day that I thought is worthy of mentioning.  In a school I work at, the kindergarten teachers decided to do something different and dare I say daring.  Instead of giving parents a class list for the students and parents to make Valentine’s cards, they helped the students to each make a card and have everyone in the class sign it.  

When I heard of this idea I loved it right away.  I know that it would be a lot of work for the teachers to organize but I thought this would teach the students so many things in the process. First off it is Eco (environmentally) friendly. How many of us would go out and buy or create cards for February 14thto simply throw them into the trash on the 15th. Second it is in line with the idea of inclusion in the classroom.  The idea is that everyone gets a card but we have all seen that not everyone gets one and that one child feels terrible when they do not get a card.  Or worse specific children are targeted to not get any cards because someone else tells everyone to not give them one.  Along that same idea not everyone can afford to purchase cards and if they make homemade ones they are ostracised because of it.  

Valentine’s Day Card

I was so impressed with the idea I suggested it to other teachers and parents at other schools. Yet their response was less than enthusiastic. Many flat out rejected the idea. They said that many of the parents are into doing the cards and they go all out with cards, candy and other stuff. In fact many students are not writing names or messages on the cards but the parents are.   

I found this interesting and a bit disturbing.  Yet from what I have observed in our society I should not be surprised.  There are a lot of people interested in only showing off and making themselves feel good at another’s expense.  These cards would alleviate all these problems and self-centredness for many people. In short it gives a small act of kindness to everyone in the class and I know that even a small act of kindness can make you feel amazing.    

Inspiring Words from my Colleagues

When I was in teacher’s college many of us, myself included, was stressed out and at our breaking point.  Yet during a class a colleague handed out pieces of paper each with our names on it. The sheets would go around the room and everyone would write one thing, a phrase or one word about what they like about that person or what best describes that person. After we each got the paper and I can tell you once I say all the comments the feeling was amazing.  When I heard of these valentine’s cards, it reminded me of that activity and how I felt receiving it in the end.  Yes the cards involve simply writing your name, but your classmates still took the time to sign your card.  To a child that simple act of kindness, signing their card, would go a long way to making them feel amazing.  

In the end isn’t that’s what Valentine’s Day all about.  Sharing love and kindness with others.  I am reminded of the famous quote by Aesop …

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’ Aesop

My deepest thanks and highest praise to my colleagues in the kindergarten program for implementing this wonderful Valentine’s Day act of kindness.  

Comic Strips: Hpy Valentine’s Day?

February the month when many search their heart to express how they feel about that someone special.  Yet in this digital world are we getting away with expressing ourselves only through a LED screen?  Do we truly know how to express ourselves without our phones?  With this in mind, it gave me plenty of material to think about for this month’s The Craziest Things.  

In many cases, people cannot live without their phones.  They call, text, surf and play endless games with it.  But has our obsession with our phones come to the point when it replaces our face-to-face interaction with others. How far with this go?  Only time will tell.  

I hope you enjoy February’s The Craziest Things: Hpy Valentine’s Day?

February The Craziest Things

Friday Two Cents: What Men Think


Apologies for the tardiness of this post but I was somewhat engaged over the past three days.  It had to do with Valentines Day with something I discovered and was wondering about.

It all started with Valentine’s Day when I was spending a very enjoyable time with a friend of mine, but through the course of the evening we started talking about the differences between men and women.  She then showed me this video clip on YouTube called “He Said, She Said”.  In it, it showed the different points of view of men and women on two different dates.  We both had a hearty laugh yet the video did make me think.  Do men really think in this way and more importantly why don’t I?

This video has mature scenes and coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised. 

The parts in which the men are recounting the evening were truly interesting.  The first guy saying he had a great time and the women a horrible time and I agreed with the woman. But the second man saying that it was a terrible night and the woman wonderful, I would have said it was a great evening too again agreeing with the woman.

This video showed that the men are just thinking about themselves and their needs were the women are thinking about hers but also his needs.  Is that how men are supposed to think because I would have to agree with the women on this.

When I am with a woman I want to make the evening enjoyable not just for me but for her as well.  In fact I get great pleasure when she has a wonderful time and I help make it happen.  Not just to get lucky but to know that I had a hand in making someone happy.

I don’t know maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic.  I give flowers because I want to and I know she will be happy with them.  Or I will cook her dinner, give her a massage, give her a drawing of her I drew or go for a walk in the country because making her happy makes me happy.  Besides I enjoy those activities too.  Does this make any sense because I have always thought in this way?  Am I one of the few romantic guys left that want to make her happy?  I hope not.

Call me old-fashioned but I guess when you are in a relationship, I really think of it as a partnership.  That you both work together to make each other happy.  For you see I think a relationship as a bank account.  You cannot make any withdrawals unless you make a few deposits.

Comic Strip: Commitment


This month’s newsletter has gone out to the parents and the comic strip ‘The Craziest Things’, with it.  This month’s comic strip is centred on a celebration at the school. No it is not Groundhogs Day, the 100th day of school, the Winter Olympics, Family day or for the teacher’s, report cards going out.  Or is that just a relief, hmm.   The biggest is Valentines Day.

For me it has never been a big deal because my birthday falls in this month and to be honest that is always more important, well to me anyway. Yet for the children and a great many people it is a big deal.  A day when we can show how much we love the people in our lives.  For children they just go, Yuck!  So I say to them, Valentine’s Day is the day we show the people who are special to us how much we care for them.  Like their moms and dads, brothers and/or sisters, friends, etc.

However with the older children I can have a little fun with them.  These children are 10 or 11 years old and have just started the second decade of their lives called adolescence.  A confusing and trying time for everyone not just the children but also their parents, teachers and their peers.  Therefore I like to open the door a bit about to this new chapter in their lives. 

I though I’d have a little fun with the children and parents with this comic.   Many of the parents remember the little game they play with the flowers and pulling off the petals says, “he loves me, he loves me not”, over and over again.  But this time I would add a little 21st centaury psychological perspective that might come into play.  It just might make you think twice about this innocent little game.

 Hope you enjoy the latest Comic Strip: Commitment. 


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