Friday Two Cents: George Helping With A Lesson


    No matter how many times I see it, I am always amazed at the reaction my puppets get in a class of students.

In the kindergarten class I am in, I have used my puppet George to help teach lessons, do learning circle or a read-a-loud. The students are always engaged and focused on what George has to say. I even do songs and the motions with him and it gets them moving along with him. As well, I have been talking to the students about bringing in my Mufasa puppet with little baby Simba. Well today I finally brought them in.  

I used them as an example for the students on why Mufasa, as the adult lion, may have some rules for little Simba. I asked the students why do they think why Mufasa has these rules for Simba. A few raised their hands and their response was that Mufasa wanted to keep Simba safe. I wanted the students to see and hear Mufasa when I asked him, ‘If Simba broke the rules and you are upset with him, does that mean you do not like Simba or that you will always be upset with him.’ Mufasa said, “No, even though Simba may have broken a rule or did something wrong, I will never stop caring for him.

photo 2

Mufasa with little Simba

 I extended it by agreeing with Mufasa saying to the students that, ‘Even though you may break a rule and the teacher and I may be upset or disappointed, that does not mean we will always feel that way towards them. The adults in the class, the teacher and myself, are there to help them and care for them and that rules in the class are there to help keep them safe.’ Some students even smiled at that.

photo 4

Little Simba, Mufasa and George

I continued the lesson with a read-a-load with the story “How full is your bucket?” George introduced it and they were very attentive. Even though we have a number of very young junior kindergarten students, they listened and participated. George was able to introduce the book and after I continued with the idea of filling the bucket. Students as well referenced the filling my bucket metaphor at different points in the day.

Amazing how something as simple as a puppet can be used for so much good.

Hi Everyone!!! My Name is George!!!

Hi Everyone!!! My Name is George!!!


Friday Two Cents: Vacationing In Ontario With George Part 3: A Day With My Niece



On the adventure side of this summer vacation, this week has been a very quiet and relaxing one. I didn’t go do anything exciting or mind-blowing. I just stayed around the house cleaning and trying to do a massive purge. My father has kept ‘things’ since before I was born and hasn’t thrown away anything so its time to purge, organize and clean out the garage and tool area. To say that it is a mind numbing, tedious and disheartening task would be understating the obvious. Yet midst this chore I had a moment of comfort and to my surprise, a small adventure.


Mufasa, Charlie and George

One day I had a couple of little visitors; my nieces came over for the day. I adore my nieces and look forward to any opportunity to play or just spend time with them. This day they came over and amidst their playing they discovered George and some of the other puppets and stuffed animals I have for me class. They know that George helps me teach my students and one of my nieces wanted to play with him. The other niece got attached to my little Simba from the Lion King (I have a large Mufasa Puppet to go with it).   I told them that they can play with them but they have to be gentle and play nice with George and Simba. Seeing them play with them was entertaining and surprisingly fun. I too got involved with Mufasa and we all had fun.

We were going out for lunch at their favourite place, McDonald’s, and they wanted to take George and Simba. I sad yes and we left. The lunch was as enjoyable as any when you “try” to eat lunch out with a couple of kids. After the lunch the little one was going to sleep and I took the opportunity to take the older niece to the park for some fun. I asked her and she wanted to and of course George came with us.

We went to a park I have not visited for some time, High Park. It is in the west end of Toronto and a wonderful example of trying to bring a natural setting to an urban environment. It has a pond, soccer and baseball fields, a pool, tennis courts and a couple of playgrounds. They also have a nice nature trail but I was not able to go with my niece this time. She of course wanted to go to the playground and the wading pool. We had a wonderful time playing on the structures and digging in the sand together and so did George.

The day was great and I had a wonderful time, as did my niece. But I was pushing with my niece on a swing in the park; I realized that being on vacation doesn’t have to mean that you have to go away somewhere. Sometimes it means just enjoying friends and family in your own backyard. My niece and I (and George) had a wonderful time together just hanging out. Vacation means to have a time for some recreation. Well I had that with my niece and that was more fun than traveling to a distant destination any day.

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