Friday Two Cents: Youth Has No Age

You know that day once a year you get to sleep in late, eat cake and people cheer and say, “Happy Birthday!”  Well this year I don’t have that, well sort of.  You see my birthday comes once every four years.  I am a leap year baby. Mind you in my family we celebrate my birthday on another day, because the government changed my dates to make it easier.  Bureaucrats. So in reality I am as old as the students I work with.  Many of my colleagues would say that would explain a lot.  

Yet one thing many people kept asking me was how old am I really?  I would tell them my leap year age but everyone said, “No what is your real age?”  I found this very interesting.  You see growing up I never really cared about my age. Maybe its because in my family we don’t talk about how old you are, some European superstitions I think.  I found that the number never truly mattered but how old you feel.  In truth I feel younger than I am and to be honest I thing that many people use their age to hold themselves back from doing things.

However, I still have people insisting on asking me for a number, a label.  I refuse to be labeled.  From people looking at me as a “male” teacher working with students to moments when people say, “You’re an artist? But you play and love sports?”  How many of you have heard, “Oh act your age.”  What does that mean and why should I?  I have seen people who were in their 20s acting like they were seniors and seniors acting like they were in their 20s.  So who is right?  Is it perhaps our society’s obsession with “youth” that is at heart here? Or is it all a state of mind?

 Youth: definitions; (1) the period between childhood and adult age; (2) the state or quality of being young, especially as associated with vigour, freshness, or immaturity.

I like that, ‘the state or quality of being’.  It is so true.  I have read many papers about how powerful the mind is when it comes to our state of being. We can literally think ourselves sick or tired if we think or say that we are sick or tired.  Perhaps that is a big reason why I never say my age. When people ask I usually say, “I feel like I’m such and such”. I don’t want to limit myself to a number or a perception of what that age represents.  Pablo Picasso once said …

‘Youth has no age.’ Pablo Picasso

Wondrous Possibilites

Therefore, on February 28that 23:59:59, when it was about to turn into March 1stat 00:00:00, I took that moment to celebrate.  For in that moment, the world stood still and my thoughts explored the wondrous possibilities and endless joys, in that which I call; My Life.

Take your own moment, be amazed and keep this quote in the back of your mind …

‘Age does not matter, unless you are a bottle of wine’.  Paul Gauchi


Friday Two Cents: There Are Good People After All



Have you ever had days when you wonder if there are any civilized people of this rock of a planet? I have been through some crazy stuff and there are times when I truly think about this. Yet this week I have seen example upon example of people who are actually, pleasant.

It started with people when I am about to enter a store, bank or some other place. Many people would just walk past you or I would open the door for someone and they would not even say thank you, but not this week. I have had people say thank you to me and I even had people open the door for me. I would smile and say thank you and in return I would see them smiling. Even when I’m in the store I would smile and people with smile back. Amazing!
Then there are the students. For some reason they are being overly active in the activities I have for them and some even said thank you for some of the activities. Maybe it has something to do with us exploring the Star Wars universe but a lot of them were engaged and kept asking me questions about the subject matter. But this was a catalyst, those questions spurred more questions and then they even asked questions on other subject matters. The interaction with them was great. Mind you I felt exhausted at the end of the days this week but it was still amazing.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yet I think that what put the icing on the cake was the reactions of people to my birthday. My birthday is on February 29th, yes I am a leap year baby. I only have a birthday once every 4 years. Many at the school know about this and a lot of the little children are sad for me because I can only celibate once every 4 years. But this year they are more excited about the day then I am. Even some of the adults seem happy for me to have my birthday. For the past two weeks I have had adults and students come up to me smiling saying “This is your birthday year isn’t it!” Or “How older are you now? My sister is still older than you.” It has been pretty overwhelming, in a good way.
I for one am not that overly excited about it but I see that many of the people I know are excited for me. This in turn makes me feel good inside. Not because I am celebrating my birthday but that people are excited for me. I even received a birthday card from a class I supplied in for a while. It was unexpected and wonderful at the same time. Then I foolishly left it in the class on Friday. I will get it on Monday and I will post it, yet these experiences have truly renewed my faith in people. I would appear that, there are good people out there after all.
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