Friday Two Cents: Ancient Greece Inspired

I recently went to see the newest super hero movie Wonder Woman. Apart from the fact that I loved the movie and character, I love the fact that the comic book character was inspired by the myths of ancient Greece. After watching the movie I felt inspired to research some aspects of the character and then draw the Amazonian Princess.

Wonder Woman was created in 1941 by a psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston. He was a great believer of the educational value of comics and wanted to create a superhero character that would use compassion over violence. The original artist was Harry George Peter. Together they created a character that has been a great inspiration to millions of girls and women.

I for one love the character and when you add the ancient Greek mythology to the mix, I am hooked. Many aspects of the character come from Greek mythology.   She is an Amazon Princess, mentioned in such tales as Homer’s Iliad. The comic book story lines mention the Greek gods and their background story of how they  created the Amazons. As well her own creation story involved the Greek gods, not to mention the fact that her primary advisory is Ares, the god of war.

You add all these together and it is no wonder I am drawn to Wonder Woman. I hope you enjoy my Ancient Greek inspired drawing of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman



Art Inspiration: The Greek Gods Distraction on Olympus: Final Product


For the past three months, I have shown you the different parts or elements of a project I worked on with the children from my Drawing Club class.  Below is the final work from the fruits of our labours. 

We put all these different elements into a scene. We added the grassy mountaintop, sky and the clouds to give it that final touch.  The children asked me what is the story behind the scene.  I told them…

It is another day on Mount Olympus. There is beauty everywhere and the gods are engaged in their pursuits.  In the background you see the Palace of Olympus floating, Hephaestus is busy making armor and arms, Dionysus has indulged in some wine and is sleeping it off, Hermes is delivering a message but stops to see the commotion below.  The Muses are singing with Apollo as he sings to Aphrodite.  Athena and Artemis are enjoying the music as is Aphrodite and she is moved my Apollo’s singing.  However Ares is not too happy with this wooing of Aphrodite by Apollo.  His dogs of war are not too happy either but are distracted by Artemis’ hunting dog. 

While this is going on, a large Titan named Prometheus is concealing a fennel stalk, which has fire.  He is intending to give the fire to humans for he is their champion.  He is grateful for the gods distracting one-in-other to make his escape with the fire. Therefore the title of the scene is “Distraction on Olympus”. 

The children, as did the parents, all loved the scene, however they also enjoyed the stories about the Greek Gods.

I hope you enjoy  “Distraction on Olympus”. 

Distraction on Olympus

Distraction on Olympus

Art Inspiration: The Greek Gods Distraction on Olympus: Ares


“Distraction on Olympus” is a project I worked on with my students at the school I work in.  It was a final project in a drawing club the children where in when I taught them how to draw in the style of comic and cartoon characters, they were most familiar with.  The class had decided to go with the theme of the Greek gods and I would help them draw a scene around that idea.

In the process of creating the scene, the children asked to be represented as the gods in the project.  They would choose who they wanted to be drawn as from the Greek gods.  In the class a few boys wanted to be Ares the God of War but I chose one that was just the right personality.

Ares is the son of  Zeus and Hera.  He is the virile and brutal god of war.  He personifies the blood lust, strength and brute force in battle and in masculinity.

He is very much like his father Zeus, as he had over 30 lovers with many children. However he had many adulterous trysts with Aphrodite that has been documented in Greek Myth.  The symbolic union of war being conquered by love was a big idea in the ancient world.  Their union produced several children but the two famous ones are Phobos (meaning ‘Fear’ or ‘Terror’) and Deimos (meaning ‘Dread’).  You may have heard of them because Mars’ (Roman name for Ares) two satellites are named after these two children.

Ares had many symbols associated with him. Some include:

  1. Chariot of Ares – a golden-reined chariot drawn by four fire-breathing horses.
  2. Spear of Ares – a bronze-tipped spear in battle.
  3. Armour of Ares – golden armour (helm, cuirass, war-belt, shield and greaves) that shone with a burning light.

I decided to draw Ares as an athlete, big brutish, like a football player.  The child I modeled it after was very athletic and liked the idea.  He has his helmet and I coloured him blood-red for obvious reasons.  I added the dogs as a tribute to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war.”  Act 3, Scene 1.  The child liked the two bulldogs.  In the final image you will see why he is not happy.

I hope you enjoy Ares god of war, as much as the children did.

Ares - Greek god of the bloodlust, brutal strength, masculine side of war.

Ares – Greek god of the blood lust, brutal strength, masculine side of war.

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