Staff Caricature: Imagine The Impossible

‘The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.’ Aristotle


‘This world is but a canvas to our imagination.’ Henry David Thoreau


‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ Walt Disney


Inspiration and Imagination, something every artist needs and is elusive as an island of tranquility in a sea of chaos. Many people have told me that I inspire the children and people in general with what I do. Whether creating art, playing baseball or trying to improve my life, people say that I have inspired others to try new things and look inside themselves. I have always found this interesting because I get my inspiration from these very people. Whether it be a child asking me about Mythology or adults asking me about their children or even just talking to people about a number of different topics, they have inspired me to create and use my imagination to bring the impossible possible.

A prime example is when I draw the staff at my school as cartoon characters or caricatures. It started one year around Christmas when we have our Christmas concert and staff dinner. Always after the concert, we go out for dinner and we exchange gifts, such as a Chris Kringle. I wanted to liven things up and instead of giving Christmas cards, I decided to create my own with the staff members as a caricature.
This specific year the inspiration for the caricatures came from my own person exploration of a style known as Steampunk. Steampunk is a subgenre of science-fiction and fantasy that came out of literary works such as Jules Vern and H.G. Wells to name a couple. But Steampunk can be best described by breaking up the word. “Steam” represents the era mostly the early industrial age around the early to mid-Victorian Era. “Punk” represents rebellion or going against the norm.
The “Punk” or rebellion signifies going against what is expected on the technology level as well as societal norms. On the technology level you see cars that are steamed powered, flying dirigibles or airships the size and look of sailing vessels or even steam-powered walking machines.   Yet when it comes to rebellion on the societal side, it affects women the most. During this time women were relegated to subordinates to the men, covering up themselves, not taking up employment or independent behavior. That is why in Steampunk you will see many women showing cleavage or wearing short skirts and showing a lot of leg to show off their stockings.
It took quit a while to create the caricatures but once the staff received them they loved the cards and caricatures. In the next few weeks I will be posting a few of the characters from the cards because these people inspired me to create these characters. Hopefully they can spur imagination and inspire others.


Steampunk Woman 01


The first caricature is a person whom I wanted to show their rebellious side. I wanted to create the caricature with a skirt and high boots along with the customary leather corset. I then added the puffy shirt that highlighted the breasts and cleavage. I then added the two belts with packs, goggles and finally a steampunk style rifle. With these caricatures I created a new way of creating hair and with caricature she has long shoulder length blonde hair.

Well she enjoyed the caricature, as did the other staff. I hope you enjoy the first steampunk caricature from “Imagine the Impossible.”



Steampunk Woman 01


Steampunk Woman 02


The second caricature is a person who is one that would help anyone if they asked for it. I wanted to show this person with more of a rebellious side; hence I began drawing her wearing a corset and short skirt or slip with the dress frame on the outside. However, I took this one step further by drawing the caricature showing a lot leg that showed off garter stockings. I then added a tight shirt that showed off a bit of cleavage. I finished off the caricature by adding a pair of steampunk binoculars and a flintlock pistol, for that “don’t mess with me” look.

She enjoyed the caricature, especially the garter stockings, as did many of the other staff. I hope you enjoy the second steampunk caricature from “Imagine the Impossible.”


Steampunk Woman 02

Steampunk Woman 03


The third caricature is a person who is always thinking of others a typical mom. I wanted to show that this person is adventurous but someone you can rely on. So I decided to draw her with a pith helmet, with a matching corset and long dress. But I wanted to show that she is always prepared so I added the bag with pencils and a book.

She enjoyed the caricature, as did many of the other staff. I hope you enjoy the third steampunk caricature from “Imagine the Impossible.”


Steampunk Woman 03


Steampunk Woman 04


The fourth caricature is a person who is always ready to lend a helping hand but also adventurous. I wanted to show that adventurous side but also her independence; therefore I drew her wearing pants, which was unthinkable during Victorian times. I drew here with a corset but no shirt for some added daring. I was thinking alone the lines of an aeronaut / pilot of a dirigible so I added the aviator cap with goggles. I added the bag and sidearm to finish the look.

She really enjoyed her caricature, as did many of the other staff. I hope you enjoy the fourth steampunk caricature from “Imagine the Impossible.”


Steampunk Woman 04


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