Art Inspiration: Imagine The Impossible: Steampunk Man 01 (The Captain)    

‘The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.’ Aristotle

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ Albert Einstein

Inspiration and Imagination, something every artist needs and is elusive as an island of tranquility in a sea of chaos. Many people have told me that I inspire the children and people in general with what I do. Whether creating art, playing baseball or trying to improve my life, people say that I have inspired others to try new things and look inside themselves. I have always found this interesting because I get my inspiration from these very people.

A prime example is when I drew the staff at my school as cartoon characters or caricatures for their Christmas Cards. It took quit a while to create the caricatures but once the staff received them they loved the cards and caricatures. In the next few weeks I will be posting a few of the characters from the cards because these people inspired me to create these characters. Hopefully they can spur imagination and inspire others.


Steampunk Man 01 (The Captain)

The last caricature of “Imagine the Impossible” is, me. After creating all the staff caricatures I also had to create mine. Yet I had already created one and I could not improve on what I had already created. I had created it as character in a story I had started about a year earlier, The Captain and the Baroness.

This is a story I created for someone special as a birthday present, but I decided to continue the story line. I was going through some difficult issues at the time and indulging in my creative side helped me through it. The story was loosely reflecting the issues in my own life and when I wrote chapter three I was going through a lot of changes in my life. Therefore I decided to change the look of the ‘The Captain’ character in the story. The original character was my caricature of myself dressed as a pirate, aka Jack Sparrow. So I changed the look of the character and my new caricature was created.

I began by basing his outfit with that of a naval officer during the Victorian Era. He is a captain after all so it made sense. I drew him with grey pants and vest, a royal blue jacket overcoat with gold trim and a white pouf shirt. I added a royal blue Ascot tie and black riding boots. This caricature is in the Steampunk style; therefore I drew two holsters with side arms.   I added a small dagger to his right and a sabre on the left with a couple of belts. If you look closely, the sabre guard has an inverted engraved image on it, a falcon. I am Maltese and adding a falcon created the idea that my caricature is the Maltese Falcon. The last touch on the outfit was a pocket watch hanging from his belt. It makes sense; a captain needs a watch to help navigate. The hair, beard and mustache (Van Dyke), were very similar to my hair beard and mustache I had grown at the time. The only thing I added from the previous images of ‘The Captain’ is the out stretched arm with the caricature holding a falcon. Along the same lines as the idea of my caricature being the Maltese Falcon.

The staff did not see this caricature until the final group portrait and they all loved it. Yet I did tell them that I did create this caricature as a character in a story I wrote. If you want to see and read the chapters I posted you can click on the link below.


“The Captain and the Baroness”

In the next few weeks I will post the final group portraits with all the caricatures in it. I hope you too will enjoy the nineteenth and final Steampunk caricature from “Imagine the Impossible.”

Steampunk Man – a.k.a. The Captain


The Captain and The Baroness: Whom We Trust



“Put more trust in nobility of character than in an oath.” Solon


Growing up, it has always been difficult from me to trust people. I have been hurt many times by people I thought I could trust. Yet I believe that there are more good people than bad out there. When I wrote this chapter I did not know whom to trust. I had been hurt by someone whom I trusted and cared for. I was confused and thoughts that I was the only person who felt the sting of a love lost. But the one thing I discovered was I have cultivated a wonderful circle of friends and family. They supported me in my time of despair and they rallied around me to quench the embers of doubt I was feeling from my break up.

This chapter is the result of cultivating friendships and surrounding myself with people whom I trust and in return trust me. Familiar habits, routes and relationships with people became the foundation for me to rebuild my trust in people and my life.

In this chapter the Captain embarks on his plans to free Pilsdreana from a tyrant. His training over and new friendships built, he looks to familiar surroundings to help in the next task that awaits him. There are some small tests of loyalty. Whom does he stand loyal with? Does he trust the Baroness and the Royal Guards or his own people? Does he sacrifice his people’s interest, for the chance to rekindle the spark with and old love? Or does he stay true to himself.

If you would like to read the previous chapters, below is a link to the chapter list for The Captain and the Baroness. 

The Captain and the Baroness


I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of The Captain and The Baroness: Whom We Trust.

WhomWeTrust WhomWeTrust2 WhomWeTrust3

The Captain and The Baroness: Training




    For many of you out there, the story of The Captain and The Baroness is not familiar to you. To be honest, it has been a year since I posted a chapter from the story of The Captain and The Baroness. For obvious reasons it took a back seat as I focused on my studies at teachers college. So it has remained on the shelf since them. But once I finished I still had chapters written and a story to finish so I decided to return to it and continue the story.

For those of you who do not know, this story started as a gift to a special person on her birthday. When we first went out and I got to know her and she so inspired me that I came up with an image of a character she could portray in a story or comic.  I began sketching and soon came up with a character. The Baroness, a Victorian style Steampunk knight/teacher, with a Hammer of Justice.

She was my muse and I did not stop with the drawing.  I wrote a story around the Baroness meeting a Captain (I have always seen myself as a pirate at heart, with a conscience) and thus The Captain and The Baroness: True Peace came into being. She loved it and that was to be all of it. Unfortunately we broke up and I found that the best way to help me get over the breakup was to indulge my artistic talents. Therefore, I decided to continue writing the story using the original as the first chapter. I wrote and wrote that in the end I had so much material that I could not place it all into one document or post; therefore I divided it into chapters. You can see chapters 1 – 9 in the story section of my blog; The Captain and The Baroness.

Each chapter was a way of me reflecting on how I felt after the breakup or something in my life at the time. The characters became extensions of what I was feeling and what I was doing to cope with the situations in my life. In the end it became very therapeutic and I truly enjoyed writing and illustrating the story. Yet it takes time, from writing to reading then rewriting, not to mention the illustrations I created, so it has been a long process, but an enjoyable one.

The latest chapter has to deal with training. I often look to quotes from historical figures, such as Shakespeare, Aristotle, Sun Tzu or Churchill to help inspire my creative juices. The following quote did such that;


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”   Aristotle


This quote reminded me of a conversation I had with an artist one day when I was just beginning to flex my artistic muscles. I asked how did he get to the level of just drawing what he saw? He answered by asking if I was good at anything. I told him that I was the lead trumpet in a couple of bands. He asked how did I get to become lead. I said I practiced about 1 – 2 hours a day. He said that is exactly how he got to the level of drawing what he saw.   Practice, Practice, Practice, and he was right.

At the time I was and still am working hard to keep healthy and stay in shape. At the time of the breakup I found that working out helped me to focus my mind on things other than the breakup. It also had the extra bonus of lowering my blood pressure and I had lost a lot of weight. This chapter is all about me retraining my mind and body and in the process I discovered what kind of person I am.

In this chapter the Captain embarks on training with the Royal Marines for their part of the liberation of Pilsdreana from the tyrant Baron MacVine. In the process he is reacquainted with the Baroness and reveals something to her that makes her realize what kind of person the Captain truly is.


I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of The Captain and The Baroness: Training.


Training Training2 Training3

The Captain and The Baroness: A Plan

Basic CMYK

 The Captain and The Baroness: A Plan

“Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.”   Confucius


Wisdom comes from experience; courage from within the individual; yet compassion comes from the character of the person that wisdom and courage has shaped.

For me compassion for others has been ever-present, maybe because of my teaching background. But at a time I had temporarily stopped feeling compassion for others. It was after my break up that I had felt disillusioned with people/women and I did not have any compassion for anyone but myself. I made the mistake of being selfish and not caring for the needs of others. But the more I closed myself off from feeling compassion for others the more distant I felt. I was hurt and was more interested in my needs. I realized, after some soul-searching, that showing others kindness, caring and consideration they returned it in kind.

This chapter is a result of opening my heart to others and in my own way I began to understand why things happened, including in my relationship. I replaced mistrust and being cynical, with hope and understanding for others, women and as well as, for my ex.

This chapter is about replacing the mistrust with hope and understanding.   The Captain is finally talking to the Baroness and is being told the circumstances behind the Princess’ fate.   The Captain comes face to face with a monumental decision. A decision that will affect the lives of 10s of thousands and the very person responsible for his break up with the Baroness.


I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of The Captain and The Baroness: A Plan.

APlan APlan2 APlan3


The Captain and The Baroness: The Truth


The Captain and The Baroness: The Truth


‘Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.’ George Washington

For only in the truth shall your soul be free of its burdens and then can you truly soar.  Sometimes it takes awhile but the truth will come out in the end. 

I have always been a firm believer that you should be honest and truthful with people even though it might be difficult for them.  Many times when I am truthful with people they say that was insensitive.  But I just say back, “If you can’t handle the truth then next time don’t ask the question.”  Its true, lawyers never ask a question unless they know what the answer will be. 

Through my many years of contract negotiations and dealing with children and people, I was taught to notice the little details of when they are lying or holding the truth from me.   When I wrote this chapter I thought back to my relationship and how it ended.  My experience told me that she was holding back the truth from me.  Yet I saw the little details and knew the truth.  I told her that I could handle the truth and I would work it out, but sadly she refused.

In many ways this chapter is a vindication for many who knew the truth and had to suffer because of it.  I too suffered, but writing down my thoughts helped me move on. 

In the eighth chapter, The Truth, the Captain faces the Baroness for the first time in months, since their break up.  What she has to say could be rewarding or devastating to Gauchia.  But the burning question continues to plague the Captain and many around him, why?  Why is this entire nightmare happening?  The truth finally comes out, but is it something the Captain can handle or does it lead to disaster.

I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of The Captain and The Baroness: The Truth.

For previous chapters you can click on the Stories tab and go to The Captain and The Baroness tab.  You will see the first seven chapters waiting for your enjoyment. 

TheTruthAllofit TheTruthAllofit2 TheTruthAllofit3

Art Inspiration: Public Service Announcement: Childhood Obesity

Currently I am taking courses to upgrade my ECE Early Childhood Education degree.  One of the courses I recently finished was Human Anatomy.  It was a very difficult course to say the least.  Some of my classmates even asked doctors, nurses and specialists on the human body about what was taught in the course and they all said that it was at a level course for medical students not teachers.  My little rant for the day.  But I survived it and so did many of my classmates.

However there was one aspect of the course that appealed to my creative side.  Within a group we had to create a public service announcement on a topic the professor assigns us.  My group was assigned Childhood Obesity, not an easy topic but we rose to the challenge.  One of my group members knew I have an artistic background and she suggested that we create a comic about a child presenting a health presentation on childhood obesity.  The other group member agreed and I was up for the challenge, so we moved forward. 

I received permission from the other group members to post their names and the results of the endeavor are below.  We all worked on the story line and I want to acknowledge their work.  I drew the illustrations and the group members (myself included) are in the story as teachers as cartoon caricatures. 

We all loved the results and I am happy to say we got an A for our final grade.  Many have mentioned that it is both aesthetically pleasing and informative.  Childhood obesity is a concern in our modern society and the more we get the word out, the quicker we can address this growing issue. 

I hope you enjoy Childhood Obesity: Public Service Announcement: A Lesson. 

The One-Year Anniversary Of Starting My Blog


It has been one year since I started my blog and much has changed since that wide-eyed moment. 

  At that time many people have said that I have inspired them with what I have done.  Either through my artistic pursuits; such as drawing, painting, writing and music, or through my teaching of the children.  The truth is that these people inspire me to create and teach.  Whether it is creating a cartoon caricature, a poem or a story, or even teaching children about dinosaurs or baseball.  These people have so touched my life that I had to express it. 

  I started this blog at a very disheartening time in my life.  I was and still taking night courses to upgrade my ECE degree, at the same time I was concerned about losing my job and I was looking for a new one.  Add to this my family was having difficulty with a member undergoing surgery and to top it all off, I had just broken up with a special lady that I had cared for deeply.  All in all, I am amazed I served the emotional roller-coaster ride. 

But I did survive and this blog helped me. Sharing my stories, art and opinion with others was a form of therapy.  It helped me focus on a task of helping others because …

I discovered that when I inspire others, they in turn inspire me.  This wonderful realization is the inspiration in creating this blog.  

Today I have over 100 posts under my belt and there are many more topics to pursue.  My comics are a joy to create, as is my work with the children.  The Captain and the Baroness story has a few more chapters to be released, as well as some inspired art from my interactions with amazing people. 

So, to everyone who has followed my blog and liked my posts, I have to say a warm-hearted Thank You.  You are the reason I write and share my inspirations.  And thank you also for being there because I know that you reading my posts helped me through some difficult times, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

See you in the Blog-o-sphere. 


1 Year Anniversary. It’s fun to blog.

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