Scotland Adventure: Day Three / Part 3

You would think after climbing Storr to see the “Old Man”, walking around Lealt Falls and viewing the massive cliffs of Kilt rock, that would be a pretty full day.  Yet because of our early start to this day it was around 1pm when we finished at Kilt Rock and discovered that we were a little hunger.  Therefore after a nice lunch at a local café we continued our journey to our final destination.  

We continued north to the very tip of the Isle of Skye.  The local village is called Duntulm, where we stopped at Duntulm sea viewpoint briefly to take in the view.  It was quite windy that day and the waves were rolling on to the beach below us.  On a nicer day we might have stopped closer to the beach but with the weather conditions we thought better.  However that did not stop us from enjoying the views and indulging in a few quirky poses with the help of the wind.  

We rounded the tip of the island and headed back south towards the town called Uig.  We arrived in town well enough but our final destination was off the main streets.  Actually we had to take a small country road about 2 kilometres into the countryside.  When I say country road I am still talking about a paved road but it was only one lane wide with passing lanes every few kilometres.  It was a tight fit driving at points but eventually we arrived at the mystical and very secluded Fairy Glen.  

Located on the west side of the Trotternish at Balnacnoc (the village or township in the hills), the Fairy Glen is a Quiraing / like a landslip in miniature compared to the rest of the area.  The rest of the Trotternish Ridge was created by a series of landslips. The Quiraing is the only part of the landslip that is still in motion.  The road at its base near Flodigarry has to be repaired every year because of the movement.  

The difficult part of the trip to the glen was that it was not clearly marked. I suppose they are trying and keep the area as natural as possible.  Yet once there a large natural formation sprang up out of the countryside. I thought the formation was what we had come to see but once we started climbing up a hill the truth of the area came into plain sight. 

Once you crest the hill to the right you see a larger hill with its basalt topping intact, which looks like an ancient ruin. Some have called it Castle Ewan for some mysterious reason though no one quite knows the story behind it.  Yet in front there is a small valley and in it is a formation of some spirals in the grass.  They are not a natural phenomenon but probably created my people to create some rituals in the glen.  Many would walk the spirals and then place a coin at the centre for the fairies.  Many have moved rocks to create other spirals but locals come to the area and try to keep the glen as natural as possible.  

There are many legends and stories about fairies on Skye especially relating to Dunvegan Castle and their “Fairy Flag”.  The Fairy Glen has no specific legend just that the location appears unusual and the nickname Fairy Glen was given.  Many have even gone into the cave at the base of Castle Ewan and placed coins between the rocks for good luck from the fairies.  Yet some believe that the fairies truly talk to them there. 

We were fortunate to have the enter glen to ourselves for about 45 minutes and I have to admit that there were times when I thought I could here voices on the wind.  Yet while I was there, I did feel something.  Maybe it was the fairies talking to me, but more than anything else, I felt that there was something magical about that place.  It felt like a special place that people have been coming to for hundreds of years, to maybe talk to the fairies or simply for self-reflection. I was in a place where nature reigned supreme and the noise and hustle and bustle of the modern world was nowhere to be found.  A place to simply listen to the wind, smell the fresh earth under my feet or to just look at the land all around.  If that isn’t enough of a reason to feel a deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth, then I don’t know what is.  

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