Friday Two Cents: A Week Full Of Excitement


This past week has bee been interesting and exciting, yet it is only the beginning. It began when I supplied at a new school I have never been before. The students and staff are all wonderful and on the third day I was there they asked me to play in the teacher vs. students ball hockey game. I was a bit surprised since I was only at the school for three days but I thought is a nice gesture to invite me.   I have played in a teacher vs. student’s floor hockey game at a school I have worked in for several years. Yet those students were grade 4 and 5 these students range from grade 5 to grade 8.   Some of the students where my height but thought why not have some fun.

The students got out to an early lead but then the teachers came back to tie 2 – 2. Then I came on and I played a bit aggressively and parked my self near the net. With a minute I get a pass and redirected it in the net. But I wasn’t finished there. On several occasions I continued to move the ball into the opposing zone and kept shooting at the net. My persistence paid off with a second goal. I got of and the by then the score was 5 – 3 teachers. By the time I got back on it was 6 – 4 but I continued to press and got my third goal, a hat-trick. In the end the teachers were too much for the students and we won 11 – 6.

Advance figure drawing

As good as that game and the feeling of camaraderie, that night I also had my advance figure drawing class, a class I truly enjoy. I have never been drawing for many years but I never took a figure drawing class. If you do not know this type of class has a live model from which we get to draw and paint. They are usually in the nude but it is not about the nudity but feeling the creativity from within you and creating and capturing the life and emotion you see.   This class I felt that I was learning so much and that my technic was improving. The final pose is usually about and hour or two in comparison to the series of 3 – 5 minute poses we draw to warm up. I was able to create a charcoal drawing of the model and as I was drawing the teacher came by and noted that he has seen a vast improvement in my technic. I had felt that I have improved but it was nice to hear it from the teacher too. I think, just when I was playing music the more I practiced the better I became. The same can be said for my drawing too.
But this not the truly exciting part; on Friday I get to top off this week off by embarking on an adventure/vacation. On Friday I am leaving with two other teacher colleagues on an adventure to discover Scotland. This is my first trip during March break overseas and I have always wanted to see the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland. I am very lucky that one of the teachers I am going with has been there several times and is playing tour guide. We plan to drive around the highlands and see many amazing things I have only read about. The driving, an activity I also enjoy, is an added bonus as we drive around this beautiful landscape that will hopefully inspire me even more.

The Wallace Monument

This week has been very exciting but the next is looking like it might top it. Here’s to adventure just as Amelia Earhart once said …

‘Adventure is worthwhile in itself.’ Amelia Earhart


The exciting part of an adventure is sometimes the adventure itself.   Scotland here I come.  


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