Friday Two Cents: Here’s To The Next Chapter


In Canada, this was the last week of school for many students. I have worked in a few schools during the last week of school but never as a teacher of a class. To say it was exhausting would not accurately describe the feeling. Physically yes, I had to do a lot of cleaning and get the room ready for the next teacher for the following year, yet there was a bit more this year.

Perhaps it was because I am the teacher and not the early childhood educator (ECE). There was more responsibility for both programing and duties as a teacher. Duties such as getting the report cards out, doing the final bit of paper work, talking to parents on different issues on top of getting things organized like cleaning toys and preparing supplies. Yet I also think that this coming school year has a big change in store for me.
At the school I usually work in I started as an ECE in the after school program. During my time, I worked hard in school and received my undergrad and bachelors of Education within three years while I worked at the program. At the same time I worked as a supply ECE and recently I finally got onto the occasional teaching list.   A lot of changes over the past five years. Yet this year I decided to leave the after-school program and focus all my efforts on my teaching career. I have been working there for about 10 years and I know the staff very well and consider them friends. And for the first time in a while the future seems less and more clear at the same time.
I decided this course of action some time ago and I know it is the right move for me, however today when I handed in my pass card and key it hit me, this is it. No more after-school, no more drawing club, newsletter, Christmas play, baseball program, no more clubs and programs I began. They are now the responsibility of others. Even some of the students asked me, “If you are going who will teach me baseball?” I said with a smile, “Don’t worry.  There will be another teacher to teach you that.” And as I said it I began to believe it too. Yes I began these programs but they are not mine, they belong to the students who enjoy them and another teacher can come by and do them and improve them.
I think that is what truly made me feel exhausted on the last day of my time there. Knowing that there will be some big changes for me in the coming school year. Yet when I look forward into the fog of uncertainty, a light from a lighthouse beams through the fog reminding me that there is a glimmer of the positive. Yes I am leaving but I am still an occasional teacher and I can go back to that school to supply teach. 
I have heard a recurring theme these past few weeks, “Here’s to the next chapter.” both from the students graduating and from other teachers retiring. This is not an end but the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of their lives.   Yes, this is just a new and exciting chapter in my life too. I have to think positive and just keep “my eye on the ball”, go for my goal. For the future may be uncertain, but it is filled with wondrous possibilities.


Here’s To The Next Chapter




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