Art Inspiration: Heroes vs. Villains – Elelctra


As part of the final assignment in my resent drawing club, I had the students create their own hero or villain. Their characters had to have up to 2 powers/abilities; a unique name and they had to indicate if they were either a hero or villain. The students also wanted me to redraw their character, in the comic book style, once they had handed their original in. I needed the original as a reference and I wanted them to do the work. The variety I received was amazing and it inspired me to create a wide range of characters.

I began with my version of the villain’s leader and in the next few weeks I will post the student’s original character and my version that I gave to them.

Villain 08 – Elelctra

Some students modeled their character after popular comics they are familiar with, yet this student knew that she wanted to create something very unique. She wanted to make a character with wings but different then what we did in the class and from what the other students did.   I asked her, “What other wings could you use to fly?” and I had her look through my character guide of the Marvel universe characters.

She finally decided on bat like wings, something along the lines of a vampire. I showed her a few examples and she them came up with the style she liked. In the end her character looked very much like a winged vampire, with bat wings and dark hair.

I decided to draw the character in an action stance such as leaping up to take flight. I wanted to show her wings in that type of pose. I also wanted to show the long black hair she had drawn. The dress was simply modeled after the dress she had drawn.

The student handed in the character about a week early; therefore I had time to draw my version in my sketchbook while the class was still underway. During the next class she asked to see something in my book and she saw the character.   She asked me if this was her character but she had a smile from ear to ear when she did. When I said yes, I did not know how but the smile grew larger. She loved it and wanted it right away. I said I would give her a copy when everyone handed in their character, then I would give everyone their character and a group image at the same time. She kept asking for the copy every class after that to show everyone her character to the other students. You could see the pride in her eyes every time show showed it to her friends. I hope you too enjoy the eighth character from Heroes VS. Villains – Elelctra.



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