Art Inspiration: Heroes vs. Villains – Animal King


As part of the final assignment in my resent drawing club, I had the students create their own hero or villain. Their characters had to have up to 2 powers/abilities; a unique name and they had to indicate if they were either a hero or villain. The students also wanted me to redraw their character, in the comic book style, once they had handed their original in. I needed the original as a reference and I wanted them to do the work. The variety I received was amazing and it inspired me to create a wide range of characters.

I began with my version of the villain’s leader and in the next few weeks I will post the student’s original character and my version that I gave to them.

Villain 06 – Animal King

Some students modeled their character after popular comics they are used to; this student wanted to do something different but similar. He created a great male figure with large muscles then he wanted to give him some unique abilities: revive or accelerated healing powers and animal mimicry. I did ask him about the swords saying, “If he transforms into animals, why does he need a sword?” He say the logic and decided to remove one and he asked me to not draw my version with the swords.

When I drew his character I first thought of a werewolf type character crossed with a ninja. I decided to create a character that was hairy, very similar to Sabre Tooth from the X-men. I took a few creative liberties by added the hair on the arms and legs and making his hair longer.

In the end the student enjoyed my version of his villain. I hope you too enjoy the sixth character from Heroes VS. Villains – Animal King.

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