Friday Two Cents: I Plan To Deal Out Some Hope


With the New Year just around the corner many take stoke in the previous year and you start to look forward to the new one. In the hopes to improve my teaching skills, I often read articles that help me to better understand the students and people in general. In my search I came upon an author/motivational speaker named Simon Sinek. He has several Ted talks on leadership and how to inspire people. One such interview/talk was about a group of people called Millennials. It’s the group of people born after 1986 and reached adult hood on or after the millennium. How he described this group was eye-opening to say the least.

Millennials have been described as lazy, self-interested, narcissistic and entitled, to name a few. I am from the previous generation, Generation X and I remember many people describing us in the same way but not to this extent and I think we turned out pretty good. Yet the way he described this generation, it was very similar to how many people would describe the latest group of students. So in some ways we could be seeing a second coming of the Milennials with this new generation.
I watched the 15-minute video/interview and I was amazed. Many of the points do describe the students I am teaching. He pointed out four characteristics; parenting, technology, impatience and environment.


Parenting – this generation was subject to “failed patenting styles” he described. One example is that the students would get anything they wanted because mom complained enough. You were rewarded for participating so everyone got a medal even if you got last. The saying goes; if everyone is special, that’s another way of saying that no one is.



Technology – social media allows a constant connection to people yet in reality people are not creating true social interactions with people face to face as in the past. Social media is not helping people how to be social or how to interact with people.



Impatience – instant gratification is the word. You want something you get it instantly. From ordering something online, to texting or watching shows on Netflix in a binge watch instead of waiting a week for the next episode. Patience is the key, not just this generation but for everyone.


Environment – in other words, institutions. This has to deal with companies and in my case the school environment. People are more interested in the bottom line, numbers or grades instead of the people/students. Institutions are interested in the short-term gains instead of the long-term development of the individual.


After watching the video I could not help but see many of these traits in the students, yet the surprising thing is that I also saw many of these traits in me. The area about technology rings true for me. Yet seeing this video has motivated me to not be like so many others and just wash my hands to these people. Now that I have seen these traits I know what to look for and how to help them develop strategies to succeed.
I will start with myself and we shall see where that will lead. Hopefully along the path to helping the next generation build their confidence and self-esteem. There is a lack of leadership in many parts of our society. As a teacher I have the opportunity of being one to the students and I plan to take the lead and be a leader. Just as Napoleon Bonaparte once said …

‘A leader is a dealer in hope.’ Napoleon Bonaparte

I plan to deal out some hope.  



5 Responses to Friday Two Cents: I Plan To Deal Out Some Hope

  1. codeinfig says:

    while i dont think the critique of society in terms of generations is pointless, it has to be said that media saturation is a factor here.

    in other words, if not for media saturation we wouldnt have these problems in our faces half as often, which might make them seem a little less profound and prevalent.

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      Thank you for posting a comment.

      You are correct, media saturation/ Technology is a fact when it comes to the issues relating to social interaction of people. Many people have used this as a replacement for human contact and interaction. We as a race have evolved into a social animal where interaction is key to many people survival. Technology has grown to the point were we can bypass the uneasy parts of development to get the things we need without face to face interaction. In essence skip to the end of the book without reading the middle. Many are fixated on the goal, the reward and miss that the journey has tremendous benefits and joys along the way.

      We need to help people learn that they do not need that technology all the time. That being patient and enjoying the journey to the final goal is reading in itself. Like any skill it must be learned and one must practice it constantly to achieve a level of excellence.

  2. Mama Cormier says:

    Even as a baby boomer I see myself falling into the technology trap. When I have my phone close by I do check it every time it beeps and I do check my blog for likes and comments left by my followers. Luckily I don’t get anxious if my phone is out of sight and I’ve learned to ignore it when I’m driving. I don’t get how people or why people feel the need to text when they drive. It’s becoming a huge problem with distracted driving and even pedestrians need to take some responsibility when their eyes are glued to their phones while they cross the street.
    Recently I met a very interesting man while waiting for my tires to be installed on the car. We could have played games on our phones or checked our emails but instead we started to talk and we ended up spending the next four hours over coffee. I learned that he was a former CFL player and that he lived two streets over from me. I learned all about his family and how he came from the states to Canada to play professional football. We also discovered that we had a mutual friend that I hadn’t seen in several years and he brought me up to date on what he was doing. I don’t think this happens very often with the millennials. I see this with my nieces and nephews. They definitely lack some basic social skills.

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      Thank you Mama Cormier for your post. Yes you are right. The temptation to answer the phone or to see who looked at my blog or Facebook does make me feel great. Yet like you I put the phone away in the car. I even mute it so that I am not tempted.

      Your story is one that I have lived through and like you said, most of the Millennials probably do not understand or have experienced. That connection with another human being is a wonderful experience. From either talking to someone at the pub during a football game or in a store as you pass each other. Sometimes being polite and saying excuse me can startup a small conversation and you make a connection. All be it brief but very human.

      • Mama Cormier says:

        Well said, Paul.

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