Friday Two Cents: Summer Vacation Part 2: I Love Technology



This past week started off like any other when you are vacation around the house or a ‘staycation’ as they say it now. I was going to do some work around the house but in the middle of the week I was going to go to London Ontario for a job interview. Everything seemed to be moving along well until, as it usually does, the unexpected happened.

I was preparing for the interview the night before as I usually do. I get my cloths ready, shine my shoes, read some background stuff on the school board I would be interviewing for and getting my documents prepared. That’s when it happened, I tried printing some documents when I ran out of ink. It was too late to go to the store and buy more so I was stuck. I did not panic because I knew I could go to Staples to print documents. Therefore I got all the documents that I needed onto a USB stick and would go to the local Staples to print what I needed.
The next morning I got ready and set off to print the documents before heading to London. Within a few minutes I printing what I needed without a hitch and then I set off on my journey. I was making good time and I was enjoying my trip to London, but don’t you ever have those feelings that you forgot something or there is something you are missing? I was wracking my brain and about half way to London it hit me. I think I forgot to print a copy of my teaching certification. I was driving so I could not check my email on my phone and I know that there wasn’t a copy on my USB. So what was I to do?




I thought out the problem and said I needed to stop and check my email to see if I needed it and two think things through while I am not driving. I stopped at a highway stopover where there was a Tim Hortons’ so I could use their Wi-Fi. I checked my email, yes I needed the certificate so how was I to get a copy 100 km away from my home? Easy I went to the Ontario College of Teachers website and logged into my account. I then emailed the PDF document to my email account. After that I checked to see if I have a copy on my phone and yes there it is. Great, now I looked on my Google maps app for the closest Staples near my interview. Bingo I found one just up the street.
I got back in my car and made it to London early enough to go to print this one document I forgot. I went into Staples and got the email address where I can send the document for it to be printed. I sent it, got a confirmation email within seconds and went to a printer and printed the document. There, I got! Now I can to the interview with all the proper documentation. Yet that wasn’t all of how my knowledge of technology helped me that day. During the interview my knowledge and experience came in handy too.

Group Interview

The interview process was not a one on one, yet a group format with 9 interviewees and 3 interviewers. It was my first time ever doing this type of format therefore I was curious on how it worked. They had two quotes on the board and then we would have 10 minutes to discuss them. Low and behold one of them was about integrating technology into the classroom. We had a good discussion and I added my familiarity with technology and the students yet I was the only one that touched on how technology has helped students with exceptional needs integrate into the classroom. I also mentioned that I actually used some of the Tech., either it being a microphone to assist a student who is hard of hearing or a GUI interphase with a voice synthesizer (similar to what Stephen Hawking uses).  Again technology has helped me that day.

Any Age group can learn about technology

Amazing. I have always loved how technology has enhanced our lives and I am the first to warn people who technology/computers/iPad etc., are tools like a hammer or a pencil, only as good as the person using the tool. All you need to do is get familiar with the technology, don’t be afraid of it. It’s just like learning to use utensils. As a child you are not sure but with time and practice you can use a fork, spoon or chop sticks without even thinking about it. It becomes second nature. The same can be said about technology. If kids can learn why can’t an adult.



2 Responses to Friday Two Cents: Summer Vacation Part 2: I Love Technology

  1. Mama Cormier says:

    When do you find out if you were successful?

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      In the beginning of August. Hopefully it will be good news.

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