Friday Two Cents: Tired Of The Hypocrisy



“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” Muhammad Ali


     Something has come to my attention this week that I find a bit unfair. It is no secret that I am a teacher and a male but for some reason these two items are the source of some controversy with many people, to be honest, mostly women. I am finding that I am growing tired of the hypocrisy that many are spewing from their mouths about me and my taste in art and images.

     This all started with images I “liked” on Facebook that show an attractive woman wearing a small bikini. Nothing was showing but some women told me that it was inappropriate for me to like it because I work with children, a.k.a a teacher. I found this interesting and said that this is during my personal time and at no time do I ever check social media during work hours. They continued to say that I have to be careful because I am a guy and I cannot show this.   Again I say that it is on my personal account and not seen in the school setting. They continued to push the issue and I finally said,”What about female teachers liking male models that are in their swimsuits or less that are on Facebook and other social media.” They said, “That’s different.” How so? I asked. They said it just is and that I have to be careful on what I show because I’m a male teacher.
     You see, I see the human form as beautiful, a work of divine art, both female and male and of course being a heterosexual male I find the female form attractive.   So why can I not like something that is inherently ‘natural’. Women find the male forms attractive and that is fine with me, so why do women have a problem with men finding other women attractive?
     Below are a couple of images that would be typical of postings on social media sites. Both are in swimsuits or less but for some reason the male images are acceptable but the female images are not. Why?


     Is it because we as a society have gone so far into the feminist side of the issue that anything men find attractive, like a woman in a swimsuit is seen as subversive. That women should not be seen as sex objects but its okay to see men as sex objects. Have we swung the pendulum from one extreme to the other? Has feminism gone from advocating equal rights with men to surpassing them and placing men under the submission of women? A form of radical feminism that tells people to not be human? Or is it simply a level of hypocrisy that a male teacher should not act like a man because he is one and that is seen as wrong.
     I have been attacked, yes attacked for acting like a man in my teaching career. Supervisors have told me that I should act more like the female teachers. I should lower my voice to a whisper and not use inflections and different voices when reading stories. Not interact with the students in a rough yet playful manner, that I should be submissive. Or its okay to teach baseball and football but poetry and art is not considered masculine. In essence not be myself.
     The teaching and early childhood educator (ECE) fields are dominated by female teachers. The statistics from a 2013 survey show that men make up about 1% of the ECE’s in Ontario and the number of men teaching in the primary grades (Kindergarten to grade 3) are about the same. Yet everyone I talk to say that the students need more male teachers. I wrote a paper on this subject matter and the research shows that men do not enter the field because of the societal pressures and stigma they place on male teachers. Similar to what I have experienced in my career.

     Perhaps if people truly want more males in these roles then maybe they should start by stopping the hypocrisy towards male teachers.


2 Responses to Friday Two Cents: Tired Of The Hypocrisy

  1. Mama Cormier says:

    In my opinion what you post on your personal Facebook page should be done with caution. I know of employers who access potential employees’ so called private pages and have used the content on those pages to not hire them. Female staff members have been warned about the inappropriate images that they post. Some of their friends’ friends are parents at the school and if they like something that you post it will be seen by the parents. I think that your female colleagues are wrong when they say that it is okay for them to post photos of men that are intended to arouse them sexually and likewise I think the same is true for men who post photos of bikini clad women. This is not about women vs men or hypocrisy towards male teachers. It is about respect for both genders and using common sense. Sorry to sound like your mom but I felt it was important to say this.

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      Well at least you say that both are wrong. Many of my female colleagues would say its ok for them and not me. I do know about the notification system on Facebook and i am cautious about that. Mind you they also scrutinize art forms of the human body, both my own art and others’.
      Its just i have been dealing with this one sided argument for a very long time and there seems no end in sight. To be honest I am truly tired of it and I feel I cannot be who I am because of these people.

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