Friday Two Cents: Pan Am Games With George: Part 4 Follow-up



Well I made it to the Pan Am gold medal game for woman’s football between Brazil and Columbia in one piece and I returned. As mentioned before I anticipated a lot of traffic so I left early and I was not wrong, but it wasn’t too bad.

The worst part of the drive to Hamilton was leaving home and getting onto the highway. You see I leave near High Park and they had a Bike Road race event on that day. They closed off High Park and the surrounding streets for the event. I knew about these closures from all the signs in the area, therefore that is why I left a bit early. It took me a while but I eventually made it onto the highway. There were a few slowdowns on the highway but nothing more that what I expected.


Road Race at High Park


Road Race at High Park


Arriving at the Stadium

I drive into Hamilton and I had to go to McMaster University for the parking that I arranged. Getting in was fine and they also had shuttle buses for people to the event. They were school buses, which are fine but on a hot day, and you may know that they are very bouncy when going over bumps. Yet I arrived well in advance to the game and enjoyed walking around the new facilities.

The game itself was very one sided with the Brazilian women taking an early lead at the 7’ mark and then dominating the game after that. There were a few intense moments with yellow cards issued and one scary moment when a Brazilian player crashed into the Columbian keeper. They were both down for quite a while but the keeper did get up from it and continued until the half. Though the backup keeper replaced her at the start of the second half.


In The nosebleeds

The Columbians were not that active in the second half either. They were being out played and the Brazilians were just too skilled for them. In the end they gave up a second goal and then the wheels fell of the cart, so to speak. The Columbians then gave up two more goals on easy save opportunities, hence the Brazilians won 4 – 0 and captured the gold medal.

The medal ceremony was something that I wanted to see and to my surprise many people left before the game officially ended. The other surprise was that the Premier on Ontario, Kathleen Wynne handed out the medals to the athletes. After the ceremony I made my way back to the shuttle buses and my car and home.

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed my experience. The drive to Hamilton, the venue, the game and the ceremony were experiences I will not forget.   The experience was something I wanted to do, to see the game but also to observe the reactions of the people within the stadium. Of course many were there to support the two teams, but many, like myself had no allegiance to either team and just wanted to enjoy the game. I even had the opportunity to talk to different people about the game and other things surrounding the games. I guess its true about people wanting and craving shared experiences.


3 Responses to Friday Two Cents: Pan Am Games With George: Part 4 Follow-up

  1. Mama Cormier says:

    You got some great photos. We didn’t stay for the medals but after the day we had ( hit and run on the QEW) we knew that the shuttle buses would be busy and we wanted to get back before my very pregnant daughter became too exhausted. I agree about the game. The first game we watched with the Canadian women was far superior to this one.

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      Yes I read about your ‘hit and run’ I am really sorry to hear about that. You are right their reaction was not expected, I suspect that some foreign substance may have been at work on those people. But at least none of you were hurt. Yes it was a long hot day for your daughter and in her condition it is best to not push her. Unfortunately Canada did not put more effort into getting into the finals, I would have loved to see them there.

      • Mama Cormier says:

        They were without two of their best players for the second game but they did make it to the quarter finals but sadly lost to Mexico 2-1.

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