Friday Two Cents: A Week Of Great Difficulty And Inspiration


I have not posted anything for the past week because of a series of events that have been a bit overwhelming to say the least. This week has been one of surprises, renewal and confirmation of a lot of things in my life.

To begin with, my family has been surprised by a great trial that would challenge anyone’s soul. My father suffered a mini stroke. We took him straight away to the hospital and after a week of surgery, two more mini strokes, CT & MRI scans and working on getting the right medication for him, he is feeling a lot better. He is not home yet but he is on the road to recovery with no diminished cognitive function, Thank God. To say that this week has been a trial for my family would be understating it.

On top of that I am in the middle of my final block practicum at teachers college. I was within 10 days of finishing when this all happened. Mind you I must say that everyone has been supportive and I welcome the distraction of working with the students to help keep my mind busy. And even though the students know nothing about what is happening within my life I want to be the best teacher I can for them. You see I truly believe that they deserve that much and I received a couple of reminders this week on how life is so precious and special. Without even asking or expecting it, two students came up to me and said, “Mr. Gauchi, You are an Amazing teacher.” I was surprised and a bit silenced by their honesty.

These students are in the early primary grades and they always speak from a place of honesty and innocence that you cannot ignore. I said thank you to them and their smiles were so wonderful to see. But it does not stop there, another student the following day came up to me out of the blue and said, “Mr. Gauchi, you are a great artist. I want to be an artist like you when I grow up.” Wow, this time I was really shocked into silence. This little girl said it so genuinely and with such a big smile I could not help but feel moved by her. I said thank you and she showed me some of her drawings. You should have seen the look of pride in her face when I looked through them and said that they were all very good, which they were.

Cute girl twirling her dress

Then to top it all off, today the school finished off their spirit week with a dance for all grades and a dress down day or should I say dress up day. The theme of the dance was to wear your Sunday best and many students wore dresses and dress clothes. I for one wore a dress shirt and tie too.   We being one of the younger grades went first to the dance but once dancing, a few of the little girls wanted to dance with me. They were so cute they all reminded me of my niece. They all wanted me to spin them to show off their dress while they twirled. It was all so cute.

With all that was happening in my life these students /children reminded me of the gift that is life. This all renewed my interest in teaching the younger grades. I thought that I would want to teach the older grades but this experience has firmly made me think of teaching primary or even kindergarten. And it has also confirmed my belief that we are here to help and inspire people to be all that they can be. These students say that I have inspired them but really they have inspired me.

I guess that William Morris was right.

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”  William Morris

Even with my father in the hospital, I took an interest in all the details of daily life and it ended up inspiring me.


3 Responses to Friday Two Cents: A Week Of Great Difficulty And Inspiration

  1. Mama Cormier says:

    Paul sorry to hear about your father’s stroke. My father had a series of mini strokes before they figured out what was wrong with him and what medication to give him. That was over 10 years ago and he’s still going strong at 88. I’m going through my own struggles right now with my husband’s health. I’ll know more next week after another procedure at the hospital. Keep strong. Sending positive vibes over the airwaves.

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      Thank you Carol.

      Thank God we caught it quickly and there is not permanent damage. My dad’s turning 86 this year and with some extra support, he should be around for years to come.
      I am sorry to here about your husband’s health concerns. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and you always have my support.


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