Friday Two Cents: To Dream


     This month has been trying on many levels. Many of us have been through struggles balancing school, work and a personal life. But for me this month has been more demanding than any I have experienced. Sleep has been a struggle to achieve and when I get it, it is short and futile.  I have been up to much doing assignments and lesson plans that even sleep has been no help.  When I do get it, my dreams are too … much to even recount and therefore never restful.

     Therefore I tried indulging in my artistic side and began writing and drawing to help restful sleep to come. What I came up with is a poem that might help me find that illusive peace I need.  Maybe it may help a few others too.


To Dream
To rest, to sleep,
Yes to sleep,
That illusive ingredient that takes us from what is,
To what can be.
Ah yes to sleep, to have that time to be with ones’ own mind,
To cast away the troubles of the world.
Ah to sleep, perhaps to dream,
To pass through the doorway between worlds.
From the world of what is,
To worlds of imagination.
Worlds of endless delights,
Worlds of wonder.
Worlds of promise,
Worlds of pleasure.
Yet dark have been my dreams of late.
Sleep has been a call to arms,
To struggle against monsters that comes from deep within.
To look within ones own mind and fear that journey every night.
But one is not alone,
One has the armies of strength, truth and justice with us.
We muster our courage,
To fight the good fight, to never surrender, for our quest is just.
And through the struggle we see, we have grown stronger.
For what has tormented us for so long,
Has been vanquished.
And our victory that much sweeter.
Ah yes, even though the day is won,
One stands ever vigilant.
For the dark worlds will come again.
And the struggles begin anew.
But for now peace has come to the worlds of sleep,
For we have earned our rest.
To rest, to sleep, to dream.
Ah yes, to dream.


By Paul Gauchi



Friday Two Cents: I Believe


The January blues, are they real or just something we made up. January is moving along and I for one will be grateful to see it go. I have been a firm believer that the January blues or blahs are real.

A person even calculated that the third Monday in January as the most depressing day of the year. I am not sure of all the calculations but it has to do with the lack of sunlight, that it is about one month after the Christmas holidays and receiving holiday bills. Yes all those credit card bills start showing up and are requiring a payment. This past Monday was Blue Monday the most depressing day of the year and I can tell you that I think I was a bit affected by this too. Not from my practicum, students or fellow student teachers but maybe the workload and lack of sunlight and sleep. Who knows?

Well I decided I could just wallow in this dark cloud or I could try to lighten my spirits. So I did something I haven’t done in while, play video games while listening to music.  So I played the game with music in the background and a song came on that I haven’t heard in quite sometime. A song that really picked up my spirits and was very relevant to my situation at the moment.  It was “I Believe” the anthem of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

This song is about believing in yourself, even when things seem at its worst. It’s about not giving up and finding the strength to succeed. It’s about not being alone, that there are others to support you.

When I heard this song I remembered the 2010 Winter Olympics where Canadians came together and supported our athletes and they received a record 14 gold medals, something no nation has ever done. I thought about the struggles of these athletes and I was thinking about my own struggles of trying to achieve my goal of being a teacher that, I am not alone in this struggle.  I am with great people working just as hard, more so even, who are also feeling overwhelmed. I am part of a community/team that supports one another to achieve our goals. I thought of all this and I couldn’t help but feel better.

The lyrics are so powerful and so appropriate to what anyone feels when struggling to achieve their goals. So to everyone who feels this way, read these lyrics and know that you are not alone and say with conviction “I Believe!”


“I Believe”


There comes a moment when my heart must stand alone

On this lonely path I’ve chosen

Like a house that’s not a home

Sometimes when I feel I’ve had enough

And I feel like giving up

You willed me to be all I can be

Now nothing can stop me


I believe in the power that comes

From a world brought together as one

I believe together we’ll fly

I believe in the power of you and I


This is the moment we have dreamed of all our lives

We’ll be the change we wish from others

We’ll stand tall for what is right

And in my heart, there’ll be no doubt

The arms of the world will come reaching out

And embrace me to be all I can be

Now nothing can stop me


I believe in the power that comes

From a world brought together as one

I believe together we’ll fly

I believe in the power of you and I


I believe the time is right now

Stand tall and make the world proud

I believe together we’ll fly

I believe in the power of you and I

I believe in the power of you and I


Sung by Nikki Yanofsky

Friday Two Cents: A Simple Pleasure


If many of you may not know, I love to draw and create artwork. Yet these past few weeks and months I have been preoccupied with schoolwork and I have not been able to create anything or even just draw for fun. It is particularly difficult because usually around this time I would offer a drawing club/class to the students at the school I work in. In it I would teach them how to draw cartoon and comic book characters. But alas other responsibilities have averted my attention elsewhere.

However today I was able to bring that joy to the students at least for a brief moment. I was able to show the students of the older grades the technic of drawing a human face. It is not the simple circle with two circles for eyes, a triangle nose and a mouth. No, we drew the face in the same style way they use for comic books, which produce a more realistic rendering.

That experience with the students was great but at the end of the day I had another experience with a different group of students. They were the younger primary students and we were doing quiet activities and they wanted to draw. They knew I also love to draw and we began drawing together. These children are still obsessed with Frozen and the princesses Anna and Elsa. They knew I can draw well and two students asked if I could draw Anna and Elsa so they can colour it. I usually tell them to draw it themselves, but they wanted something similar to the cartoon to colour. It wasn’t a lesson time, just a simple quiet free time so I obliged them and drew the two princesses.

Anna & Elsa

Anna & Elsa

There enthusiasm was so uplifting that I could not help but feel excited with them. They talked and enjoyed me drawing the scene. More students gathered around us and they all asked who was going to get that drawing because they all wanted to colour it. So I asked, “What if I photocopied it and gave you all a copy to colour. Do you all like that idea?” Well they were excited by that notion and said an excited “Yes”. Once I was done and came back with the copies, their excitement level doubled. They all wanted one and they could not wait to start colouring.

I have to tell you I felt great. Not just because I was able to draw and create what I love to do but to experience that joy and excitement the drawing brought to a group of students … children. Amazing that something as simple as a drawing, that took me five to ten minutes to create, could make them so happy, but in turn make me feel happy just from their sheer enjoyment of it.

Friday Two Cents: New Adventure!!!



“The adventure is the journey not the destination.” Paul Gauchi (Me)


A new year and a new adventure await me.

This past week I started my second practicum for teachers college and I am very excited. I am with a primary grade and the students are so amazing. Within a few hours of being there and talking to them they started talking to me and welcoming me into their community. On he second day, they even started asking me questions such as, “Mr. Gauchi, are you married? Do you have kids?” Even the way they asked was so adorable, but what they said after was the best.

I didn’t answer straight off but I asked a question, “I am not wearing a ring, so what do you think?” But one little girl said, “Some people don’t wear their ring so that they don’t show that they are married.” When I heard that I was dumb founded. All I could do was smile and thought, you are just 6 and you know that!

iPhone Avengers Case

I shouldn’t be surprised; my niece says things like that all the time. Even after I showed her my new phone case she gave me with the Avengers on it. She thought that it was cool and said I can show others now how cool I am with the new case.

I love the innocence of children when they are so young. I was with the older junior students for four months in my first practicum and now I have to remember how truly amazing the young students in primary are. I am very excited and I hope I can share all the amazing adventures they will have in the next 4 – 5 months.

Here’s to a New Adventure!!!

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