Art Inspiration: Staff Cartoons A Pirate’s Life For Me: Female Pirate Crew 03


Inspiration. Something every artist needs and is illusive as the Lock Ness Monster. Many people have told me that I inspire the children and people in general with what I do. Whether creating art, playing baseball or trying to improve my life people say that I have inspired others to try new things and look inside themselves. I have always found this interesting because I get my inspiration from these very people. Whether it be a child asking me about Mythology or adults asking me about their children or even just talking to people about anything, they have inspire me to create and use my imagination to bring the impossible possible.

A prime example is when I draw the staff at my school as cartoon characters or caricatures. It started one year around Christmas when we have our Christmas concert and staff dinner. Always after the concert, we go out for dinner and we exchange gifts, such as a Chris Kringle. I wanted to liven things up and instead of giving Christmas cards, I decided to create my own with the staff members as a caricature.

This year the inspiration for the caricatures came from the children’s concert. We were doing a Pirates Christmas and at the same time Pirates of the Caribbean was out. Also for Halloween I dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and everyone loved the costume. It made me imagine, what would it be like if the staff where all pirates? From these simple beginnings I decided to draw all the staff as pirate caricatures.

Well the staff loved the cards and caricatures and in the next few weeks I will be posting a few of the characters from the cards because these people inspired me to create these characters. Hopefully they can spur imagination and inspire others.

The next caricature is a staff member that I wanted to do a bit more to than the rest of the staff. She is a wonderful person and is a great teacher. She is so soft-spoken that I was not sure if I should depict her as a sexy, rough and tumble pirate, but I thought that showing her that way might be good for her. I was also hoping that she would be ok with the caricature because she was new to the staff.

She is oriental and I needed to make sure the eyes would reflect that. Like I said earlier, she was a soft-spoken, quiet person so I decided to draw her showing a fair bit of skin. Her neck, shoulders and legs were a start but I wanted a bit more, therefore I really emphasized the cleavage.

The caricature was very riské, I thought, for the person and I was hoping her reaction to it would be positive. That night she looked on it and was very pleased by it, I think a lot of it also had to do with the fact that the other staff really enjoyed it too. Weeehooo, that was the only person I was not sure about because she was new but I was extremely gratified that she enjoyed her caricature.

I hope you too will enjoy the third pirate caricature from “A Pirate’s Life For Me.”

Art Inspiration: A Pirate's Life For Me: Female Pirate  03

Art Inspiration: A Pirate’s Life For Me: Female Pirate 03



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