Friday Two Cents: This Moment Will Never Come Again


This has been a very interesting week with too many things happening all at once.  There were moments that I had to stop and just take in the moment, to simply take it all in.  One happened during the aftermath of the ice storm, the other during shopping and one surprising moment happened on Christmas night that I thought would never happen. 

First and for most, Christmas was full of love of family with my beautiful nieces.  They spent the day with us and it was amazing to have a home just full of love and happiness.  The surprising moment happened on Christmas night.  I had a wonderful day with my parents, nieces, sister and brother-in-law.  They had just returned home two days before Christmas after a week vacation in Disney World.  If any of you truly know me I am a big Disney fan as is my family. 

We opened presents while we watch the Disney Parade on TV, like we have done for years before my nieces arrived.  We then had dinner but after my nieces played with their Disney character dolls while we all had tea and dessert watching the video of the vacation to Disney World.  The best part was watching my nieces’ reactions to the princesses and characters.  The best part was when my youngest niece, who is almost two, react to meeting Mickey Mouse. 

Mickey greeting guests at Disneyland Park

Mickey greeting guests at Disneyland Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like many of us we are thinking, “Yes, Mickey Mouse to a two-year old, she will love that. Fantastic, Mickey Mouse to a two-year old, this will be great.”  Mickey Mouse to a two-year old is a 6 ft. BLEEPING rat!  She took one look at him and wailed and would not stop until my sister picked her up.  That was by far the funniest thing I had ever seen.  I had to stop and take in that moment and remember to look at things through the eyes of a child once in a while because I thought Mickey Mouse was funny and great for kids.  Boy was I wrong, Ha, Ha, Ha.  I’m still laughing about it.

The second event happened when I was watching the news on TV about people shopping at the mall and I noticed that so many people where not smiling.  Everyone was so serious trying to get around and get stuff.  So I stopped and said to myself that I would make a conscious effort to smile when I go out to do some last-minute shopping and boy what a difference. 

Goofy Claus

Goofy Claus (Photo credit: KerriNikolePhotography)

I did however add to my smile a little bit of Christmas cheer; I wore my Santa Goofy hat.  It’s a regular Santa hat with big Goofy ears coming down the sides.  I noticed right away people started looking at me and returning my smile.  Maybe because of the hat or because of the smile I am not sure, but I did see their smiles.  At the checkout or just walking in the mall people would say, “Love the hat.” and smile.  I would return the smile and say, “Merry Christmas.”  You know, it felt good to make those people smile at least for a moment or two. 

The other moment happened in the middle of the ice storm.  Thank God, we had power at my home but a great many did not the day after the storm.  I didn’t want to stay in the house that day and after cleaning up a bit outside and making sure my family was safe, I went out to relax and watch football at the pub.  I also had to get a few things and hand out a few presents to a couple of friends.  The day was fun and I enjoyed talking to a few friends and just being with people, but what stopped me happened when I got home.

Photography of constelation Orion.

Photography of constellation Orion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I parked the truck and was about to lock up the garage and go in because it was a cold night.  But I stopped and looked up at the night sky, for it was a clear night and the stars were out brighter than normal.  (Probably because of the blackouts in parts of the city.)  At that moment I saw a familiar sight, an old friend so to speak.  The constellation Orion was very clear in the southern sky shining in all it majesty.  I love looking at the night sky as billions have done throughout history.  Orion has been a constant companion to many people, me included.  It has spawned great journeys in my imagination, inspiring feelings and works of art from me. Even with the cold biting at me, I had to take a moment and say hello to an old friend. 

Amazing, that through all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, all the preparations and the devastation of the ice storm, I still found time to just stop and enjoy the moment.  I learned through painful experience, with the death of family members, that the future is unsure, that we must live every moment.  That there is life in every breath.  So enjoy it. 

Have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

 Peace and long life. 


3 Responses to Friday Two Cents: This Moment Will Never Come Again

  1. really enjoyed this post–it had everything–warmth and awe and gratitude–glad I stopped in to read

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      Thank You. You have a great Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year.

      • Happy New Year too — and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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