Friday Two Cents: All You Need Is Love


Sorry that I am posting my Friday two cents Sunday but it has been a whirlwind week.  Just to give you a taste, first off I worked in two classes, one English on Friday last week and a French immersion kindergarten class on Monday and Tuesday.  I have been in a French class before but my French is beyond rusty.  Here is what happened to me.  I go in and the children are great and excited to have me in their class.  Many know me because I work in the after school care program.  They are talking in English and French and I try to respond in French too, however because French is not my second language I instinctually respond with my second language, Maltese. 

One little girl comes up and asks if I can make a snowflake for her in French.  I understood her yet I need her to get some paper from the creative shelf because I had run out.  I responded by same saying, “Can you please get some paper from the shelf”, but in Maltese.  She looked at me with a confused look and said “What?”  I looked at her expression and realized that I spoke to her in Maltese.  I rolled my eyes and apologized then corrected myself.  I guess I was so tired I went into automatic mood and just went through the motions. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I then went into two other classrooms this week but thankfully they where in English.  A good thing too, imagine remembering 60 new names after learning 60 from the previous classes on top of remembering French.  Four different classrooms in 6 days, man Superman didn’t have this tough. Yet I know I made an impression and left them with a special memory.  I brought in my puppets and my favorite Christmas story, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss.

I did a circle using the puppets, finishing with the story.  They loved the puppets but I know they all loved the story because the teachers also stopped and listened too.  You see when I read stories I change my voice inflections during the story and they are mesmerized by it.  I also love the moral of the story that Christmas doesn’t come from a story.  For Christmas means a little bit more.  I tell the teachers that hopefully, they liked it and that they will enjoy it in later years.  They tell me that they will because they all sat still and a few even gave me a hug after.   

Then I had the after-school’s Christmas Concert on Dec. 12th in front of the school and the 13th for their parents.  I had 28 grade 3, 4 and 5’s perform a musical and they were fantastic.  We started preparing since the beginning of November.  Having auditions, learning lines, songs and dance moves.  The children really worked hard and they deserve all the credit. 

They performed brilliantly in front of the school and I know the audience liked it because the children were so excited by the show; they could not stop talking during the performance.  After the school performance the teachers told me that liked it too so I know that the children’s hard work had paid off.  But they all shined for the performance for their parents.  Their energy mixed with their parents’ excitement was just electric.  It was a great way to close off the performances for the year. 

Yet to top it all off I had my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  It was fortunate to have it on their actual wedding day.  It was a surprise party with 60+ family members coming.  My sister did all the hard work I was just the financial backing and pickup and delivery boy.  Unfortunately, here in Toronto we had our first big snow fall for the year and a few could not make it because of the weather.  However, we still had fun and my parents loved the surprise and being with family was the greatest gift. 

Whoooooo!!! Boy living through all that was one thing but writing it all down was another.  Looking at what I wrote about this past week I’m thinking ‘Geez, I had enough for four weeks of Friday Two Cents in just one.  But there was one thing that tied everything together.  Love.  I love working with the kindergartens, I love working with the older children and of course I love my family.  I guess that is what this whole Christmas season is all about.  Love.

Perhaps John Lennon had it right after all; All you need is Love. Something I had forgotten but was always there inside me.


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