Friday Two Cents: What I am Thankful For, At Thanksgiving

twoCentsOldNew In Canada this weekend we are getting ready for our national holiday of Thanksgiving on Monday.  For those of you outside of North America, Thanksgiving dates back to the original European settlers giving thanks for the years harvest and for the blessings in the past year in our lives.  We have our Thanksgiving earlier than the Americans because our harvest season starts earlier than theirs. 

In the kindergarten class this week we have been talking about what are we thankful for.  To help the children understand we do little songs and finger plays when we try to explain the idea of giving thanks.  The song below is a cute little one that you might find helpful with younger children. 


 Thank You Song (sung to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”)

 Thank you, thank you, let’s all sing.

Thank you, thank you for everything.

Thanks for the flowers.

Thanks for the trees.

Thanks for the sun that shines on me.

Thank you, thank you, let’s all sing.

Thank you, thank you for everything.

Thanks for the Mountains.

Thanks for the seas.

Thanks for the rain that falls on me.

Thank you, thank you, let’s all sing.

Thank you, thank you for everything.


The children enjoyed the song and I even heard them singing it while they had learning activities.  The really cute and interesting time was when they were asked what they are thankful for.  We asked all the children and their responses where very adorable.  Most said they where thankful for their mommy and daddy, others for their scooters or bikes.  Some of the boys said they were thankful for cars and trucks, typical right?  A couple of kids said they were thankful for cake or chocolate.  I think many of us are thankful for those too, Ha, Ha.

But a few said they were thankful for friends or going to school or for nice teachers, things we might not think about.  Listening to the children say these things made me really think about what I am thankful for. 

In my family we have a tradition of saying what we are thankful for, after we say grace.  Usually, I say family, friends, that I have a job and for my health. I have really not given it much thought in the past.  Yet this year with all my trials and tribulations, ups and downs I had to really reflect on what I am thankful for. Thanksgiving dinner in Canada.

Family and friends is a given.  I know that without their support I could not have gotten through the anguish from my break up, or the overwhelming workload I get from school.  They where there when I needed support and lend a hand to help me get back up when I was down.

I am thankful that I have a job.  I was even able to acquire a second job, so now I have two part-time jobs to equal one fulltime job.  At times it can be trying but besides the monetary compensation, my co-workers in both workplaces have been supportive to me and helped in many ways.  From allowing me to ask questions for my schooling to listening to my personal problems and even offering advice, they have been a constant support to me this year. 

Last but never least, my health.  If you read my 100th post a couple of weeks ago you may know that I was obese and recently have lost a considerable amount of weight.  At times it was hard but there where times when the stress may have contributed to the weight loss.  I also was worried that the weight lose might have been a result of a disease.  Thankfully my doctor gave me a clean bill of health. 

This year I have two mid-term exams to do this weekend but I plan to study hard and hopefully finish them before Saturday.  I want to spend my weekend time with family and friends enjoying their company.  After a roller-coaster year of highs and lows the one constant has been these two groups, supporting and cheering me on.  I know they are the best things in my life and after careful reflection I know that I am beyond thankful for them in my life.


 Therefore to my family and friends, if I have not said it already I want to say;

I love you all dearly and thank you with all my heart. 

 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.




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