Comic Strips: Here We Go Again


It is the start of a new school year and the first edition of the newsletter for the parents and students is out.  I am the editor and chief of the paper but the one part of it that I truly enjoy is that I get to do the comic strip.  I always use the children of the senior grade 5’s as my inspiration for the comics.  I will draw every grade five in the program as a fun cartoon caricature. 

Many of the other children ask why don’t I use the other grades too.  I tell them that these children are the graduating class and they deserve their moment.  Also it is hard enough trying to draw 15 – 18 children and place them into 8 – 10 comic strips, just imagine 130.  Therefore I had to limit the amount of children to draw. 

My usual theme is the difference in the generations.  Most notably the use and acceptance of modern technology by the children compared to their parents at that age.  When I was in elementary, using a calculator was a big deal, now there are MP3 players, phones and tablets in the class assisting the children with their quest for knowledge, so we hope. 

This particular comic actually happened to me.  I asked a different question and the children went to their phones and players to try to find the answer but the Wi-Fi wasn’t available.   You should have seen the looks on their faces when they could not connect.  It was as if Armageddon had fallen upon us. 

Interesting, I would have looked it up in a book, know the information is at their fingertips.  Mind you I should not be too quick to judge.  I am currently taking courses at the university to upgrade to degree and go to teachers’ college and we have Wi-Fi in the classes and building.  During lectures I would find myself connecting my laptop or tablet to search for info too. Or on those rare occasions check my emails or text messages.  However, if there is no connection I too get a little antsy. 

I guess I am as bad as the children.   🙂



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