Point of View: Men Power


Here in Toronto it was a picture perfect day.  Not a cloud in the sky, the warmth of summer was felt by everyone; a wonderful Sunday in July.  A day to be outside and thankful for what we have.  And more to my point, a great day to be a guy.  I say this with no shame or ill intent.  Let me enlighten you.

Today I took advantage of the great weather and worked on some guy stuff outside. I cut the grass and after, more importantly, I washed and waxed my car while I listened to the ballgame.  You might think, anyone can wash and wax their car many women do this.  Yes many do.  But something happened that made me think about what is expected and passed down to guys.

My Baby

My Baby

Let me paint you a picture.  Birds were singing, people are walking by, the radio was tuned in to the ballgame and there I am polishing down my car.  While I was busy polishing other guys would walk by and say, “Looking good!”, “Nice work!” or “Can you do mine next?”

After some time has passed, my father came by with a neighbor and they said something that made me think.  They are both seniors and they where saying, “I remember when I was washing down my horse and making sure he was alright.  Times might have changed and we have cars instead of horses, but men are men they will always look after their rides”

That statement made me really think.  My father was a farmer and he always told me about my grandfather taking care of his horses and then showing him how to look after his.  Then when he came to Canada, and traded in his horses for cars.  He would always tell me about driving and looking after them too.  Then he showed me how to look after my car.

Imagine, 100 years of passing down on how to care of your ride from horses to cars.  There was probably some medieval English fathers,even ancient Roman or Greek fathers showing their sons the same thing.  Showing them what it means to be men.  And I have to admit it’s a nice feeling being a guy, doing guy things. 

Don’t get me wrong I believe in women’s rights and I am a bit of a feminist when it comes to women’s issues and our society has gone towards that path too.  But I think we have gone to the point now that being a guy is almost a bad thing.  That men cannot be men.  A simple thing as holding a door open for a woman is looked on as old fashion and an insult to women.  Believe me, I held doors open for women and got that look from a few. 

Maybe it’s because I have worked with women for most of my career.  If you don’t know me I’m a teacher and wherever I work I am outnumbered usually 8/10 – 1.  Also because I work with children I have been told to tone down certain male characteristics, voice tone, volume, even the way I play with the kids.  I even had a supervisor tell me to act more like the female teachers.  Interesting isn’t it. 

Perhaps its time for we guys to start a movement of our own.  For us guys to reclaim what it is to be masculine. Where guys are treated with respect instead of revulsion for being who they are.  I say guys stand proud, we are men and there is nothing wrong with it. No matter what people might think.  

Men Power!!!

3 Responses to Point of View: Men Power

  1. cav12 says:

    I like it when a man opens the door for me, it is simple gesture but one that shows courtesy and good manners. I even open doors for men. I think the problem stems from over doing ‘political correctness’. The other issue relates to the characteristics of males, what makes men which you have discussed though good role models, emphasis on ‘good’ appears to be lacking.

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      Hi cav12

      Thanks for the comments and I think you are correct. We, as a society, have “political correctness” on the brain. From men and women issues to not saying Merry Christmas. Perhaps we should be ourselves and let the chips fall where they may.
      Unfortunately, you are right about the lack of good male role models. The media seems to glorify the bad ones on the news to build up ratings. I too have had people look at me because I am a male teacher and they wonder why I there working with kids.
      Fortunately, I take those people’s doubts and then change their minds through my actions. I have been told that I am a positive role model for the children. I try my best and in some cases I have seen the fruits on my efforts. The only thing I can hope to do it be true to myself and do my best. So far its worked out. Perhaps that is what we all must strive for. 🙂

      • cav12 says:

        That is a fantastic attitude Paul. Being a teacher also, it is so important for boys and girls, or in my case high school students to be able to find someone they respect and emulate. Glad to see you are making a difference 😀

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