Art Inspiration: The Greek Gods Distraction on Olympus: Aphrodite


“Distraction on Olympus” is a project I worked on with my students at the school I work in.  It was a final project in a drawing club the children where in when I taught them how to draw in the style of comic and cartoon characters, they were most familiar with.  The class had decided to go with the theme of the Greek gods and I would help them draw a scene around that idea.

In the process of creating the scene, the children asked to be represented as the gods in the project.  They would choose who they wanted to be draw as from the Greek gods.  In the class just about every girl wanted to be drawn as Aphrodite.  It was a difficult choice but I had to choose by flipping a coin so not to upset the girls.  The girl who was finally drawn as Aphrodite was happy and I told her a bit of Aphrodite’s story.  Not the whole story, I abridged a great deal.

Aphrodite (or Urania) was born when Uranus’s genitals were cast into the sea and she arose from the foam as the beautiful and irresistible goddess we see today.  Her name comes from the Greek word for foam (aphros) because she arose from the sea-foam where she was born, yet she was also described by other terms.  Since her father was Uranus, god of the heavens, she was also known as Urania meaning Heavenly and Celestial. 

As you may have gathered, Aphrodite is known as the goddess of beauty, love and marriage.  She was a very powerful goddess.  She was also worshiped for many things ranging from marriage to prostitution.  She has inspired many artists to create works of art, music and literature. 

Many deities also attended Aphrodite. Some include:

  1. The Three Graces – the Charites are females that represent the aspects of charm and loveliness. 
  2. The Hours or Season –  the daughters of Zeus and Themis: Horae meaning hours, then time and then seasons.  There are four that represent the beautiful qualities of the different times of the year. 
  3. Eros – in Greek Myth he is named Eros but many today know him by his other name, Cupid.  In Greek Myth he came out of Chaos and then attended Aphrodite when she was born.  In the Roman or other texts he was the son of Aphrodite and Ares.  He was a handsome god of love and desire, but in either case he was Aphrodite’s closest friend and confidant. 

I drew Aphrodite with long curly blonde hair as many have done.  The good fortune is that the girl I modeled her after had the same type of hair.  She is mainly drawn in the nude or partially nude but with the children, I drew her with a dress, with the colour of light blue like the sea she was born from.  If you look carefully she is wearing sea shells as jewelry also from the birth from the sea.  She has her hand on her heart and looking down at someone, looking very pleased.  You’ll see why in a few weeks. 

The girl was very pleased with the drawing and enjoyed it tremendously.  I hope you enjoy irresistible Aphrodite as many have. 

Aphrodite - the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Marriage

Aphrodite – the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Marriage



4 Responses to Art Inspiration: The Greek Gods Distraction on Olympus: Aphrodite

  1. cav12 says:

    Thank you so much for the ping back 🙂

    • Paul Gauchi says:

      No problem. I enjoyed your post and also have an interest in Ancient Civilizations. I have been fasinated by Mythology since i was a child and I use it when I am teaching the Kids.

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