Friday Two Cent: My Top Ten Movies of All Time


With the Oscars this weekend, there are people and programs listing their favourite movies of all time. I have always loved going to the movies.  Ever since I went with my folks to see Smokey and the Bandit when I was a kid I was hooked.

Movies have always been a way for me to escape into imaginary worlds and dream.  Whether traveling in space battling the empire, shivering when a doctor says “Hello Clarice” or suffering with a king as he gives a speech.  Movies have allowed me that brief moment where I do not have to worry about my problems, for at least a couple of hours.  To just sit back and relax.

I had some stress these past few months and I noticed that at the height of my stress level, I didn’t watch any movies.  I did not even watch a movie on TV.  Not until I made it a point to go out and watch a movie did I start to feel better.  So after I made it a point to try to relax with a movie, even if I only watched half of one on TV, it helped with my stress.

Therefore, in honor of the movies and to all you out there with stress, I say sit back and go watch a movie.  Either in the theatre or at home on DVD.  To get you started I have put together a list of my “Top Ten Movies”.  I know you may not agree but I still love these.

10. Star Wars Series.  I have loved Star Wars ever since I was a kid and this science-fiction classic is a must see.  Even if you just like the original or the new trilogy, this series of 6 movies should be part of any home collection.

9.  A Few Good Men.  Jack Nicolson and Tom Cruise have a battle of wits in this riveting drama.  Well written and acted I can see this over and over again.

8. Ben-Hur.  This classic 1959 movie is full of action, drama and morals for any family.  If nothing else, you have to see the chariot race.  Visually stunning it will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire race.

7. The Wizard of Oz.  A classic movie that everyone must see.  Created in 1939 this tale of a young girl trying to get home will have you singing along with every musical number.  How many of us have been caught singing “The Wicked Witch is Die”.  Well maybe when our boss gets fired.  Ha, Ha, just kidding.

6. The Adventures of Robin Hood.  Really any Errol Flynn movie, but this is the best.  The fight scenes and over acting a joy in its self.

5.  Forest Gump.  Following the life the most unlikely hero, a slow minded or mentally disabled young man has experience after experience through three decades.  At times heart wrenching but in the end enough to give you hope that life will end up right in the end.

4. Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.  The two movies will have you on the edge of your set.  Anthony Hopkins portrayal of Hannibal Lector is nothing less than masterful.  Warning these movies are not for the squeamish.

3. Lord of the Rings.  This trilogy is visually stunning and the story line and character development hooks you in.  A little long, especially if you have the Special Editions, but you can enjoy them in stages over a few days.

2. Saving Private Ryan.  Every classroom in grade 8 or 9 should have this movie.  Based on a real life tragedy, a squad must find a private, in the middle of the Normandy invasion, because he is going home after the deaths of his three brothers.

1.  Beauty and the Beast.  Really any Disney Movie will do, however this one is my all time favourite.  A young man must see inside himself, past his outward appearance, to see that he is really a caring and loving person.  Not until he loves another can he truly start to love himself.  In a reverse of traditional roles, in this movie the princess saves the prince.

Happy watching, and don’t forget to pass the popcorn!

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