Comic Strips: What You Find Out When You Listen

If any of you think that kids today are growing up too quickly, then this comic will add fuel to the fire.  Again this comic came out of my real life experiences with the children.  No the two boys did not really say this, but I have over heard them talk about girls when they think no one is listening.

The other scary part is that many come and ask me about girls and how to talk to them and what makes them tick.  In short, they want some advice on how to understand girls/women. I  said, “I would be happy to offer any advice on understanding women. When I have some I will let you know.”  The frightening thing is that they understand my little jab that no man understands women.  Fascinating.

I should not be too surprised with them growing up too quickly.  I recently finished a course on adolescent behavior and development and the new data on this time in human life is staggering.

No longer can we say that adolescence starts with the teen years.  They now classify it as the second decade of life, the age from 10 – 20 years.  Even puberty is happening earlier.  Before puberty would occur between the ages of 12 – 14, but now 10 – 11 is becoming the norm for many.

But getting back to the comic, when I heard them talking about girls and these two were the last I had to draw, I knew what to write.  It also was a good coincidence the softball season had begun, so it tied everything altogether.

The response from the parents, teachers and students was amazing.  Everyone loved it and many said they could see them saying this.  Even the boys were very pleased with it (and themselves).  However, the parents of the boys were the best.  They both said that they have seen this in their sons and wasn’t surprise.

Interesting how opportunities to be creative are right in front of you. All you have to do stop and listen. 


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