Friday Two Cents: Maybe being found guilty was the best thing for Mayor Rob Ford.


Well in Toronto, Canada, we have been inundated with the Mayor Rob Ford, being found guilty of a conflict of interest lawsuit that ordered him to step down as mayor.   This came about when the mayor participated in a vote, by the city council, to excuse him from paying back $3,150 he raised by using his office stationary.  Yes the money was for underprivileged youth to play football but the use of the stationary of the Mayor’s office was a stickler for some.

Yes, the rule of law has prevailed and a very bad man who raised funds for underprivileged youth was kicked out of office because of it.  Score one for the system and one for the opposition to Rob Ford’s administration.  But also score one, maybe two for Rob Ford as well.

What do you say, score one for the Mayor?  Yes.  The Mayor has been suffering with his popularity stalling. Now with the guilty verdict, what did the mayor do?  He sincerely apologized.  Not his usual defiant self but a humble response.  Maybe this slap in the face could be the catalyst to bring his popularity back up and silent his critics.

Every one in the city knows that the Left-side of the political spectrum have been gunning for him since he was elected.  Even this private citizen is from that camp as well.  With the judge ruling today that Rob Ford can run in a by-election, if there needs to be, the left will be targeted for starting all this mess.

You might be thinking this will never happen, but I remind you that in politics it is not about the message but how you deliver it.  If there has to be a by-election, the Ford campaign just has to deliver the message that the left are the real reason why we need a by-election in the first place. Spin is an art form and we have seen that his campaign is very good at it.  Maybe being found guilty was the best thing for Mayor Rob Ford.


3 Responses to Friday Two Cents: Maybe being found guilty was the best thing for Mayor Rob Ford.

  1. mamacormier says:

    Paul we will never see eye to eye on this issue. It’s not about raising money for football and never was. The fact is that the mayor chose to break the rules. In fact even after given the chance to rectify the situation he refused. His ego got in the way. Even some of the right wing talk show hosts on CFRB agree that the judgement was fair. People are tired of the mayor’s exploits. Yes he has his supporters but his numbers dwindling. Oh and by the way I believe the mayor and his cronies regularly attack the “left pinko fascists”. Talk about casting stones. Mayor Ford only has Mayor Ford to blame. Humble apology? Did you hear the shouting match and rants initiated by the Mayor the next day?

    • paulgauchi says:

      Yes, we will never see eye to eye on this issue. However, I do agree with you that this is a problem of his own making and that the verdict is just, but not the punishment. Furthermore, I think that it is not just his ego but also a defensive response to the constant attaches.
      Many might say he is a bully but I think that his opposition is bullying him. When they attach him on his weight, his appearance and a list of other things,aren’t these not signs of bullying? I was bullied when I was younger and I found out, through many painful incidents, if you do not stand up to these bullies the attacks will continue. Sometimes turning the other cheek is not the best option, sometimes its come out with guns blazing.
      As for the exchange, we now the Mayor has had heated responses to attaches so this can be seen as normal behavior, however the other counselor is not known for it. Since the counselor said he might run in a by-election he did something out of character. Hmm, was this his was of getting his name out into the news bites? Politian’s never do things without thinking about how it will benefit them.

  2. mamacormier says:

    The Fords have had a reputation for being bullies for a long time, long before they became politicians. Ask any teacher who’s taught them. As for his weight issues he’s brought many of those comments on himself. You don’t put out a challenge to lose weight and then quit before you reach your goal. I don’t recall any councillor making negative remarks about his weight.

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